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Apr 06, 2022
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However, is there any direct correlation between the advertising spend and the sales results? The answer is NO. But, design agencies won't admit it. In fact, many of them are more interested in winning awards for their designs than helping you win customers. There's something very wrong with this and it bothers me! I hope it bothers you too - it should! Here's What Most Design Agencies/Marketing Companies Won't Tell You About Your Marketing. It's Not Working! I was recently invited to email list a pre-launch meeting for a new nationwide small business initiative that is being launched in partnership with the Government and a well-known high street bank. During the meeting there was a short presentation on marketing the initiative. The presenter began by explaining that they have agreed the branding and just completed the logo. At this point I was really to leave the room! Come on, who really cares about your logo except you? During the next five minutes I had to listen to this drivel about how they were going to create awareness using various brand based activities such as posters, a website and a letterhead. Not once did the presenter give any clear direction in terms of the two most vital elements of any marketing campaign - the target and the sales message!