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Apr 21, 2022
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Create Engagement & Interaction for Lead China Phone Number List Qualification You know, people sign up for a webinar with the idea 'I'll listen to the recording later. Firstly, this rarely happens in practice, secondly, the engagement is much lower because they often only scroll through the slides. It is therefore important to actually get people to China Phone Number List your webinar. You can do this by building up the bond with the listener beforehand. A useful tip here is to ask people about their learning objectives during their China Phone Number List registration. You then approach them China Phone Number List by email (1 to 2 weeks before the webinar) with the question of whether you can send them something. You then send them a nice gift (for example, we use bound notebooks with our logo). On the printed label we state: 'See you next week at China Phone Number List our webinar, where you will hear all about [LEARNING OBJECTIVE]'. This approach ensures that we have up to 70% participants, while this was 20-40% without this approach. And yes, that costs money. But here too I would like to emphasize that you really have to take a webinar seriously and that China Phone Number List this requires an investment. In addition, there is an interaction China Phone Number List during the webinar. If you use chat and the polls correctly, you ensure interaction on the one hand. Listeners enjoy getting involved and seeing poll results. On the other hand, you collect valuable data about the listeners. The poll, chat, and engagement data are all individually stored in the software. A gold mine to China Phone Number List qualifies soon! Step 6. Make an offer (CTA) What do you want to achieve during the webinar? Make sure you offer an offer they can't refuse, which is supportive of your China Phone Number List objective. For example, if you would like to contact a prospect, offer a free audit (in B2B). It must, however, represent real value.