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Shermin khatun
Apr 27, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Since all power has a shadow: everyone does C Level Executive List everything, is an expert in everything… Now anyone is an expert because they watch content on YouTube or take a four-hour course, specialization, talent, and creativity are lost. The C Level Executive List work has been deprofessionalized “, He warns. «Companies are mistaken in believing that they have to do the same as the consumer, a content the same as that on television, speak to C Level Executive List him as they spoke to him on television. We are trying to bring the past to the present and do what we know when the tools are different he continued. In short, "the internet gives you power but then C Level Executive List you have to look for life and in that instruction you have to learn to do things, not in the same way as we did before." "The consumer advances faster than us, but we lose the professionalism C Level Executive List of the past, we become the bullfighter of the present and thus how we make the future ", he stressed. Victoria Ducournau also stated that “brands are trying to modernize things C Level Executive List that already exist. That's the shadow." From Twitch, he highlighted the speed of the chat and how the content is created in a completely different way, among other points. Brands have to do a very deep reflection of the C Level Executive List potential they can have on some platforms. The moment of disruption that we are experiencing now is spectacular and the opportunity that brands have now is to be part of how the C Level Executive List community is being put together within Twitch “, She pointed out referring to Twitch. Let's look to the future: How to conquer users in the networks? According to Luisma Valencia, “it depends C Level Executive List on what brand you are”. “Not all brands do it wrong and not all brands don't know what to play. Blue Banana has made a contest on Instagram, generating their own content, and they have been able to adapt.