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Apr 04, 2022
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And Putin has publicly stated on whatsapp phone number list many occasions that he does not recognize the borders created after 1989. In his opinion, the borders are the result of a historical mistake, which he considers a tragedy. Since 1991, Russia has lost territories that, according to Putin, historically belong to it. Ukraine is one of these whatsapp phone number list territories. What makes Ukraine so important? Why not whatsapp phone number list Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or the Baltic countries? Putin never mentions Poland. Why Ukraine? Is it for strategic and whatsapp phone number list economic reasons or for other reasons? Strategic and economic reasons are definitely important to him. After Russia, Ukraine had the largest population of all the whatsapp phone number list Soviet republics and was its most important economic center. It remains the largest post-Soviet country after Russia. Ukraine is also the link between Russia and Western Europe, the key country for control of the Black Sea. Russian gas and oil flow west through Ukraine. There whatsapp phone number list are many objective reasons why this is important. But there is another aspect. The problem is the whatsapp phone number list idea that an independent Ukraine can only be an anti-Russian state. Ukraine is the country that most resembles Russia in terms of culture: language, religion, food, customs. There are whatsapp phone number list no big differences. However, it can only exist as an independent state by being an opponent of Russia. This is not what I say. This is what Putin wrote last summer in a 20-page program document on Ukraine's history from the time of Asian domination to the 20th century, which he posted on the government's website. "Russians and Ukrainians are one people." The main idea of ​​the whatsapp phone number list article is that Ukraine is not only a specific part of