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Prodip Chakraborty
Apr 06, 2022
In Fashion Forum
And by reaching out to a business, you will not only reach one person, but more office staff and other employees will probably get a hold of your mailing list promotions. Therefore, making a huge money making impact on your sales numbers. Print marketing and targeted mailing lists go together like peanut butter and jelly - OK separately, but amazing together! In fact, one might even say that without a targeted mailing list, there's no point in even bothering with print marketing in the first place! What do I mean by this statement? Without a targeted list of the exact kind of consumers you're looking to sell mailing list your product or service to, print marketing is just a shot in the dark. It's scatter shot - hoping that someone somewhere will pick up your business card, flyer or brochure and just happen to need your services is a fools errand at best, and a waste of capital and time resources at worst. What you need to do is specifically target the people who are interested in what you do. Do you sell paint? Then you'll need to target painters! Do you sell haircare products? Then you'll want to target salon owners and beauticians. And so on mailing list and so forth. Let's imagine that you're selling musical instruments. What's a better use of your time and marketing dollar - targeting every single person you see, or targeting musicians?