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Mar 02, 2022
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The zero draft method Widely used by writers, Whatsapp Mobile Number List this method is also very useful for creatives and marketers when they are involved in the early stages of a project. The zero draft method is to choose a topic, write down everything we know about it, then write down what we need or want to know about that topic, reflect on why the Whatsapp Mobile Number List topic at hand is important, and then add all the ideas (as crazy as they are) that come to our mind. zero draft 5. The SCAMPER Method The SCAMPER method is a way of Whatsapp Mobile Number List approaching the ideas that we have on the table from different perspectives in order to enrich them. The objective is to replace (S), Whatsapp Mobile Number List combine (C), adapt (A), modify (M), provide another use (P), eliminate (E) and reorganize (R) the previously conceived ideas. Scamper 6. The method of questioning assumptions Assumptions, all those that we take for granted and that we cling to like straws, are sometimes poison for creativity. That is why, Whatsapp Mobile Number List when we are faced with a creative project, it is very useful to write down all those assumptions related to that project and try to question them one by one . question assumptions 7. The wish method This creative exercise, which encourages the imagination of those Whatsapp Mobile Number List who practice it, consists of thinking without any hesitation in the most unimaginable (and crazy) solutions to solve a problem. In a second phase, you have to select the Whatsapp Mobile Number List best wishes, discuss them in detail and refine them into realistic ideas. wish method 8. The alter ego method In this creativity exercise, we must try to put ourselves in other people's Whatsapp Mobile Number List shoes (superheroes, for example) to solve the problems we face. To put this technique into practice we can put ourselves in the shoes of really suitable people to solve the problem Whatsapp Mobile Number List that besets us or also in the skin of people who are clearly inadequate to explore new points of view. alter ego 9.