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Tanmoy Mukharjee
Apr 07, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Avoid dropping into the pit of junk direct mailing list mail. Curing with band aids is cheaper than with a stack hundred dollar bills. These simple cures can lead to turning a miserable response rate into a productive one 1. USING THE WRONG LIST. A large mailing list or a poorly compiled list produces disastrous direct mail results. Do blame who designed the piece, who did the art work, or even the offer? If your mailing list stinks so do your results. The direct mail list is should be your marketplace of prospects. If you can not comprehend this, just buy a telephone mailing list directory. 2. YOU ARE SLOW TO GET TO THE POINT Make your best shot immediately, or after 3 seconds you shot is gone forever. If you can't do this send your prospects paper airplane messages so they can hit the trash can easier Make sure your direct mail headline belts out an amazing beneficial reason to keep reading more. This is a sales piece, not a novel where you mailing list slowing building the story to the ending. 3, YOUR OFFER SHOULD OVERWHELM YOUR PROSPECT You must convince your prospective client that your offer is better than any others.